Muppets always make it better

It’s Christmas Eve. Which means I shall be watching The Muppets Christmas Carol. Reasons, two. One: It’s the best Christmas film ever. Two: Because it’s the best Christmas film ever, Dan and I watched it most Decembers, usually on Christmas Eve. Who can fail to be moved by Gonzo as Charles Dickens, ably assisted byContinue reading “Muppets always make it better”

Everyone’s turning 18

Jay turns 18 next week. Little Jay, who used to call me ‘Bebbie’. Dan’s first best friend. The two of them played, fell out, made up and played some more, on repeat throughout Dan’s life. In high school they’d disagree, argue loudly with each other. ‘Now come on, you two…’ a kind friend tried toContinue reading “Everyone’s turning 18”

Organ Donation. It’s brilliant.

Dan and I had chatted over the years about organ donation. My fabulous friend Tracey needed a kidney. She had one failed transplant. Her health slowly declined and eventually she died. She was 38. My friend and colleague, Margaret, had a kidney transplant too. She was the most vigorously alive person I knew. She workedContinue reading “Organ Donation. It’s brilliant.”