Hello, I’m Debbie, Dan’s mum.

This blog is my way of coping with Dan’s sudden death in a road accident in 2018. I deal with grief and sadness and sometimes a little hope.

I’ve written a memoir, Middowed, and I’m looking for a bold agent to take it on and help me take mine and Dan’s story out into the world. It follows my path of loss in the 12 months after Dan died and weaves in and out of Dan’s story from birth to fifteen.

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No More Nails

There are handmade boxes of drill bits; masonry, wood, metal. Small cardboard boxes of screws in varying lengths. Large toolboxes with pliers and spanners and hammers. The garage is a trove for the D-I-Y hobbyist. It’s now my job to sort it out and find new homes for all these items. Dad was always buildingContinue reading “No More Nails”

Bubblegum and Tattoos

They have bags of ‘tennis ball’ bubble gum at the Go Local shop just along from where my dad lives. They look like the little knobbly bubblies from an old bubbly machine. I loved those. 2p (or 5p. 70s Inflation hit us kids hard in our pocket money stakes) and you got this rock hardContinue reading “Bubblegum and Tattoos”

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About Me

I’m Debbie. I’m a fifty-something Middow* and Disabled Students’ Allowance Assessor** and a blogger***

*Middow is a coined term for a mother who has lost her only child

**Disabled Students’ Allowance Assessor is someone who helps HE disabled students get government-funded support.

***trainee/incompetent blogger to be exact.

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