Telly time

I would not be suited to fame. Last week, as part of Organ Donation Week, I sat on a bench in Weston Park and talked to a reporter about Dan, while the camera captured it all. It was terrifying. My heart raced, my brain melted, I felt like I would faint. Yet forcing myself to watch it back later I look like a normal person. How is that possible?

So, fame is not for me. But I will do whatever is required to tell Dan’s story and get people talking about their wishes, should the circumstances arise where it’s important to know. And Dan would have loved the attention. He’d have liked people saying they’d seen him on TV, heard his story. He’d have been really proud to be an ambassador for good.

The story ran in a few other media outlets – Yorkshire Post, Sheffield Star, Mail Online. The highlight though, for Dan (and me!) was featuring in the Manchester Evening News. Headlining in your favourite city has to be a gold medal accolade. The comments too, were great. He would have been chest-out-proud at the people calling him a “true red”.  And my delight is in imagining this, picturing him there, standing tall, smoothing down the crest on his home shirt, his face reddening a little, enjoying every second.

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