The regulation of emotions through carrier bags

I think about how I might regulate my emotions.  I visualise them as the jumble of bags for life stuffed into a bigger, sturdier bag, or stuffed into a drawer.  I picture myself lifting them out, trying to take one at a time.  Sometimes, I pull at a red handle on one, but out tumble two or three more.  I hold them though, one at a time, and shake them.  Here is anger: flap it, lay it down, smooth it, tuck in the fold at the bottom, smooth it again.  Fold it in half, into quarters, place it at the bottom of an empty bag.  It is controlled now.  This green bag is sadness.  Smooth, tuck, smooth, fold.  Fear: smooth, tuck. Joy.  Joy has a hole in it.  Joy can go into the bin.

Published by The Middow

Fifty-something middow, partner, dog-owner.

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